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Interested in affiliate marketing opportunities? Want to know how you can make your own adventures and memories by travelling wherever and whenever you want? Keep reading about my trip to the Sahara to see how you can explore the world on your own terms.


Hi! This is Lara, adding to our digital nomad family blog. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing opportunities there are links at the bottom of the article that you can check out right now if you fancy it. Otherwise, let me tell you a bit about the Sahara desert.

“A fount of solitude and the desert of childhood imaginings, the Sahara Desert is like nowhere else on earth. It is the world’s largest desert, at once continental in its scale and exquisite in its detail, from a sand sea the size of a small European country to an orange sand dune sculpted to perfection by the wind.
A journey into the Sahara can be as varied as the desert itself, but there are some quintessential Saharan experiences. Most begin in the gateway towns where expeditions out into the desert are organised. Often oases, these towns are centres of Saharan culture, places where the architecture emerges naturally from the earth and the slow pace of life has changed little in centuries. (Lonely Planet)”

As I’ve said before, I have been lucky enough to travel to many weird and wonderful places, but of all the places I’ve been, my trip to the Sahara desert was the best at making me feel absolutely tiny (in a good way!). It’s definitely up there with the likes of the Grand Canyon and Patagonia. The sheer scale and vastness of the Sahara is jaw-dropping is excellent for making you think and reflect. Staring out at the ever changing, undulating red landscape gives you sense of perspective that feels really special. It almost put me into an instant state of meditation and calm.affiliate marketing opportunities

We accessed the Sahara from Morocco and did so via a camel trek and camping experience. I had rode horses before, but never a camel so I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard that camels are fond of spitting… that was true. What I didn’t realise was that they would also be so fond of nuzzling my chest! So there’s a bit of a heads up just in case you find yourself in close proximity to a camel sometime soon. The actually riding of a camel takes a bit of getting used to, there’s lots of rocking backwards and forwards but it quickly becomes a familiar rhythm. Once you are synchronised it’s easy to imagine yourself in a caravan of old on a merchant route selling rich spices and delicate silks over this epic landscape.

The camping under the stars was truly phenomenal. You get so far away from civilisation that there is zero light pollution and the stars light up in a way that I will never forget. So the desert is great for reaching that ponderous state of mindfulness both day and night.

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