How Did Hudson Portfolios Start?

So, we had our business concept, now we needed to make it work for us. We decided that in order to keep our outgoings to a minimum, we would shoot from home, both in our house and around Epsom. This meant that we had a wide range of ‘backdrops’ to shoot on so we could create diverse and dynamic images for our clients. Types of fashion photography that we needed to be able to cover included:








The plan was to be able to offer a full portfolio, including indoor and location shots, not just studio shots, in one day so that one shoot could look like multiple jobs.

We however had no idea how to market ourselves, other than my basic understanding of social media marketing, taught to me by my dad, and Bry’s qualification in visual communication. So we created a facebook page and a twitter account and made a wordpress blog to act as our website.  We called Ourselves Hudson Portfolios.

How We Began To Grow Hudson Portfolios

Hudson Portfolios And The Digital Nomad Family x 2 Hudson Portfolios. Some Of Our Early Shoots

In order to be able to put up content to our social media outlets, Bry did a test shoot on me, we asked model and dancer friends to come and shoot with us. We offered a couple of test shoots to build up our portfolio. We also contacted some of our modeling agencies and asked that they recommend girls to come and shoot with us.

The first month we were fully up and running we had one shoot, a dancer friend of mine who needed some images for her portfolio. Then over Christmas, when we were at home with family, advertising slowed a little.

We then had an agency recommend us to a new girl on their books. The model wanted to bring a friend to also shoot with us, so we had two girls to shoot in one day, on our second ever professional shoot!! It was a very long day, but the images were great and the girls were really happy with their results. Hudson Portfolios Was Underway

While our business ran on recommendations for the first 6 months we were up and running, it got to a point at which we had shared our page with all friends either in the modeling, promotional or dance industries, tweeted about our shoots, and put up pictures from every shoot we did, and we weren’t getting any more business. We have put this down to the fact that we had hit a wall in that we had already advertised to everyone we knew, and didn’t know how to expand from there.

We had realised that we needed to up our game with advertising because we felt at the time word-of-mouth wasn’t working as well as we had hoped straight off the bat.

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