Hudson Portfolios A New Business Venture

By Lara Of The Digital Nomad Family

This blog is a story of how myself and my housemate, Bry, have over the past year, built up a business to sustain our cost of living.

Bry is a professional photographer, having studied fashion photography at university. While she adored doing fashion photography, having assisted in the industry to gain experience on leaving university, she discovered that it can be an ugly industry filled with beautiful people, and so lost her passion for fashion photography. She continued her career as a freelance photographer covering corporate press, products, events.

Hudson Portfolios

Personally, I trained in dance and modeled from the age of 18, gaining experience in all aspects of the modeling industry. Having always been articulate with a paintbrush, I quickly picked up tricks of the trade and taught myself how to do makeup to a professional standard. While working on my new skill set, I also continued to work both freelance and through agencies as a model.

As two self employed girls in a creative and volitile industry, where financial stability is a rareity, we needed to find a source of income that was flexible, that we could operate on our own terms and that didn’t involve un-paid travel. Our aim was to create a business that would pay our rent and fixed outgoings to allow us the freedom to persue our passions and take jobs that would further our chosen careers. We wanted to be able to work to LIVE, not live to work, as well-paid jobs in our industries can be few and far between, with a lot of down time.

As two friends, working as freelancers in the Capital, moving in together we needed a stable income. We then decided to pool our skills and create Hudson Portfolios a new business venture ,a model portfolio service where new or existing models can come to us and create or update their modeling book in a day.