The Best Travel App that You NEED to Have

There’s a million and one travel apps that exist now and there’s a million and one people which is the best travel app you need. They range from anything like booking flights, finding hotels, how to get around your destination etc. etc. But the one I want to talk to you about today in Revolut.


Now some of you may well already know about Revolut, and some of you may be well underway and using the app already – which is great! For those of you that don’t or haven’t heard of it, I just want to tell you, honestly, about an amazing app that has truly helped me and the rest of the Digital Nomad Family on our travels around the world.

Revolut, the app we’re deeming as the best travel app, allows you to manage your money online across a multitude of various currencies at the best rates – better than the Post Office, better than M&S, just better in general. It’s pretty much been a game changer, with the app (or card – which you can get in addition to the app) taking the worry out of making sure you’ve got money exchanged before you go away or worrying about the charges to you bank account of you use your normal debit card abroad. The company doesn’t take any commission from transactions and exchanges so the amount of money you are able to save is remarkable.


As we’ve talked about before, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are huge topics at the moment and Revolut also allows you to manage these as well as your euros, pounds, dollars, etc.


If you’d like to find out more about digital nomads and how you can adopt the lifestyle to put this app to the test, then click here to check out a FREE video series to give you that bit more insight! If you have any questions feel free to email us too!