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Our Tech Nomad Family

We ‘The Tech Nomad Family’ are a family of five who have secured our financial future using digital marketing. We all use a smart affiliate marketing system to help us improve and develop over time.   We all have a led and are leading tech nomad lifestyles, and we now want to help others do the same. How? By building an online system that allows you to generate a passive income. And that is what our ingenious affiliate marketing system is all about. It has helped us build a safe path for the future and create the perfect lifestyle business.

We believe we have found one of the most effective and valuable ways to learn online marketing skills which aim to help you generate a passive income. More importantly we have learnt how to apply it in the best way to gain the kind of lifestyle you want. Resulting in the ultimate lifestyle business.

Hudson Portfolios

Australasia 2014

Our Vision

We believe that it is everyone’s right to be able to spend time with their family, be successful and enjoy a stress-free retirement. We have learnt methods that have helped us to provide a financially secure life for our family, free from the usual constraints of entrepreneurial ship. Our plan is now to share these techniques with other like-minded individuals who know they deserve more from life.



Ella, after a year off, is now attending the University of Brighton. Understandably she isn’t certain of her career path yet. Like the rest of us, she loves to travel and so is hoping to pursue that in whatever path she chooses. No matter what she decides on, we’ll be able to give her security with the Tech Nomad Family. She spent a few months in New Zealand and has dotted around Europe over the past year and hopes to continue exploring the world when she’s not at University.



Sam left University at UWE, Bristol after studying animation. He’s now our graphic designer and the main content generator for us, travelling around the world and truly living the Tech Nomad Lifestyle. Over the past couple of years he has been all over the place so keep your eyes peeled for more content hitting our YouTube channel!



Peter was able to earn money to pay his way through medical school so that he could comfortably achieve his passion by becoming a doctor with as little student debt as possible. He has been working as editor of this blog along with Ella and finally graduated(!) in 2017. He looks forward to being able to live the life of a nomad in his downtime.



A successful model/dancer/make up artist/Jill of all trades with big plans for the future, currently living and working in London on several bits and bobs. She’s the founder of Hudson Portfolios and our original TechNomad. She’s been all over the USA, Canada, Argentina, Monaco, Cuba, Hong Kong – just to name a few! Keep your eyes on our blog and Instagram to find out more about her adventures!



A marketing expert with many years of experience under his belt. Mike is applying lessons he has learnt about digital marketing, to make sure that the rest of us can do whatever we want to do in life. He’s increasingly taking on the life of a tech nomad now everyone is living independently.

That’s us in a nutshell. If you want to find out more please get in touch or enter your name and email address. Alternatively, learn more about the Digital Business System.


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Mike, Stuart and Jay have been working together since 2012 on what they feel is the ultimate Digital Business System. Mike said it was a great opportunity to work with his family together to build an online marketing business and there the Tech Nomad Family was born…
Ever since, we’ve been working together to earn a passive income to provide us the *time freedom we so crave.

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