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Why Use The Digital Training System?

Dad has used, and continues to use, the Digital training system to ensure that he is one of the best Online Marketers around in the Business to Business Sector. SFM are taking digital marketing practices into the professional arena, creating the ultimate lifestyle business. Dad has used, and continues to use, the SFM training system.  Therefore, ensuring that he continues to learn as the industry changes and stays at the top of his game.

So, Dad has been an online marketer and has run an online marketing business for over 17 years. We’ve never seen him so excited about anything! He is seriously impressed by the system offered by SFM/DEA’s mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

digital training system
digital training system

Expert In Digital Marketing

The tech nomad family (also known as digital nomads) has really benefited from this system over the past few years. They offer a very unique and smart affiliate marketing system to help your business grow!

Dad firmly believes that the SFM model is the best tool around to help anyone grow their business online. In addition, he knows it will help you create the perfect lifestyle business.

He’s been encouraging us kids to get involved with SFM/DEA since it launched. Dad met Stuart in Costa Coffee in Farnham back in August 2012 and was one of the first couple of people to sign up for the Black programme. Dad, being Dad, sat back, watched and waited before he got really involved. Additionally, he wanted to ensure all the inevitable teething problems all new businesses have were ironed out before he spent any of his valuable time on it!

FYI: The SFM model is the learning model, the DEA is the reseller programme. Don’t worry if this means nothing to you right now, it will all become clear!

Dad was mainly interested in SFM at the time as Dad’s business was launching a new sales funnel. Therefore, the expertise and material available in SFM really helped. Although SFM/DEA had great minds behind it they still had to deal with the follow up resource issue and put systems in place to cope. Now a few years later everything is in place and the process superb.

The DEA programme is more for people who don’t want to deliver and build their own products, like Dad does. 

Success Stories

Aside from our personal successes, we have watched many more Partners generate four and five figure MONTHLY incomes.

As well as the approaches taken by these guys, there are lots of other ways to drive traffic. They are all clearly demonstrated in the SFM/DEA programme, and all backed up by a community of like-minded individuals all working towards making better lives for themselves and their families.

Whatever sort of training works for you, is here: videos, coaching, 1 to 1 sessions, webinars. Naturally you’ll also have the opportunity to get all your questions answered, as they arise during your journey to building your successful online business.

digital training system

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