Bricks and mortar business owner?

Bricks and mortar business owner? Congratulations! You are one of the very brave individuals who sacked their boss and followed their dreams to set up a business on your own. You are a bricks and mortar business owner. You haven’t minded the long hours, the financial restrictions, the hard graft and you haven’t even minded the boring admin stuff. Well not too much! Although maybe it would be nicer if after all this time and effort you were seeing a little more return on investment? Although there is still a place for good old fashioned bricks and mortar businesses, you have to acknowledge that we are amidst a digital revolution. It can be challenging to stay relevant with more and more people opting for online services. The ideal solution would be to be able to harness digital marketing skills to increase traffic (online and on the street!) to your bricks and mortar business.

As a bricks and mortar business owner, ask yourself these questions;

Wouldn’t it be nice if every so often you could take a day, (or dare say it a week!) off?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay someone else to take care of the jobs you loathe?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more free time to think big, be strategic and really fulfill your potential and your dreams? After all, wasn’t this was why you started up on your own in the first place?

Maybe you’ve got your bricks and mortar business into tip top shape but relying on passing trade perhaps just isn’t bringing in quite enough bacon?

Are you struggling with how to reach your widest possible audience digitally? Perhaps you’re concerned that that you’ll promise too much and not be able to perform, thus ruining your hard earned reputation?


We can help you out with all of these issues by providing you with support and a set of skills that will be able to maximise the potential of your bricks and mortar business in this digital era.


With very limited IT skills you can learn how to:

  • Boost sales efficiently with very little cost
  • Increase traffic to your website, if you’re prepared to provide some free ‘added value’
  • Drive as much converted traffic as you can cope with, increasing and decreasing as required
  • Maximise your potential income
  • Find customers online who are looking for your product or service right now
  • Free yourself from being just a bricks and mortar business owner


If you would like to learn how to do all this, how to adapt the digital nomad lifestyle to suit your business needs and more click here and sign up for our FREE video series now. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via our website.


Thanks for reading and best wishes,
Mike 🙂

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