Excuses, Excuses!

Excuses – We all love making them

We all love making excuses, don’t we? Obviously we don’t tell ourselves they are excuses, we dress them up as valid reasons and convince ourselves we are justified in our reasons why we can’t whatever it is we planned to do. Everyone is guilty of procrastination, and it happens more than you might think, so try not to feel too bad. You just need to make sure that you channel productivity and positivity when you do buckle down. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself, everyone deserves a break sometimes!

However, let me tell you something – it is lonely at the top. The majority of people are doing easy, reachable, realistic things. Just enough work to get by, nothing too strenuous. A short stint of work followed by an hour of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  How are you going to stand out if you are doing the same? Focus and try and work just that little bit more. Be better than you were yesterday. Increase your attention span bit by bit. When you say you are going to do something, go on and do it! The sooner you tackle it head on, the sooner it will be over with. Do what you can to make your work environment more productive for you. Reach for something just a bit beyond your, and everyone else’s, comfort zone and the crowds significantly thin. Giving you the space to achieve whatever it is you want. Freedom? Time? Comfort?

Do not overestimate the competition and do not underestimate yourself.  You are more capable than you think. Stop making excuses!

Another way to put a positive spin on those slightly more ‘unrealistic’ goals, is that they can actually be easier to achieve. Think of it like this, an exciting, life-changing goal will fuel you with enough adrenaline and excitement to overcome the obstacles you will undoubtedly endure along the way. Knowing that you are working towards something that seems challenging because the rewards you will reap are going to be that much more significant.

Average goals are uninspiring and your willpower will only get your through the first couple of issues, after that, they will become just yet another thing to do. Another point on that ever growing to do list.  If the potential payoff is mediocre, your effort will be too.


So dream big! Put those excuses to one side. Set inspirational goals and rest assured there will be less competition for the big things in life, you just have to go about getting them the right way! Stop making excuses. Stay positive.


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Thanks for reading and best wishes,
Mike 🙂

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