Who Is Mike Raybone – Sharing More of Mike Raybone’s Story

Okay, who is Mike Raybone and why should you be bothered with the Digital Nomads lifestyle?

That’s a great question because in your research for someone who can help you learn about the opportunities in the digital economy, become a digital nomad if you like, you want to know who your potential mentor is, who is Mike Raybone?

Mike Raybone
Mike Raybone
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You see one thing that I have learnt is about the importance of having a mentor who can guide you and support you as you build your digital business and transform the lives of your family.

I offer myself as your mentor on your own digital nomad family journey and today in this post i share more of my story so that you can get to know me a bit more.

You can get the full story about who Mike Raybone is and about my family over on my > About Us < page where I share that we are a family of 5 trying to secure our family’s financial future by helping to improve others’.

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About Mike Raybone’s Story AndThis Website!

The main theme of this website is to share information and provide solutions to families wanting to spend more time together, rather than being tied down to a job in the traditional economy.

What have I seen working as an internet entrepreneur? – well… an abundance of opportunities for families staying at home to work together and profit in the digital economy. This website will share with you those opportunities.

As you will come to appreciate, I am family orientated and focused on helping families have quality time together when they want and where they want, free of the constraints of a life where we just keep our head above water and pay the bills.

In addition I also reach out to those who are at University who find there is no job for them at the end of their studies, or people who have started work and are going to have re-invent themselves many times over as the pace of change is fast in life.

Mike Raybone Six Figure Mentors

Mike Raybone is a member of the Six Figure Mentors because it enables us to develop an income stream that is more passive and have the free time we all want, along with financial freedom. The Six Figure Mentors provides a great solution to building a digital business that enables us to spend more time with the children.

Mike Raybone

Mike Raybone, at the time of writing this post, is a 51 digital entrepreneur. I have, perhaps like yourself, had many jobs which you can learn about on my LinkedIn profile.

I am divorced but know that life exists after divorce, life goes on and you just have to take the opportunities that present themsleves.

I have 4 children, 17 (Ella), 19 (Sam) , 22 (Peter), 24 (Lara). Ella lives with me and I enjoy the potential an internet business creates to be able to visit Sam, Peter and Lara more because they live in various Cities around the UK.

I enjoy being around for my children, and not stuck in an office, when they come back to stay with me at holiday times. One of the great benefits of living a laptop lifestyle, building businesses on the internet, is that I can build multiple passive income streams and this means that I can see my children whenever I want and not just at Christmas or at other holiday times in the year.

Digital Marketing Passion

Digital marketing is a passion. I have done this for many years for various clients and made them a lot of money.

Whilst i still provide professional digital marketing services for my clients, I also see the potential to have multiple income streams online delivering passive income. Why? Because it will allow us to have more time freedom with the children. This, indeed, is what you can also open yourself up to. Get in touch to learn more how I can help you.

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