Top Up Pension

Top up pension. As soon as we reach adult life we have the need for a pension forced upon us. So we trundle along, working hard living that 9 to 5 lifestyle putting aside a portion of our income every month for a future that seems far away. You’d be forgiven for thinking that over your working life you’d build up a pretty decent sized pension pot. In fact, the average 50 year old is estimated to have less than $50,000 in retirement savings. Clearly this is not enough to sustain even a modest lifestyle for 30 or 40 years. In the UK, 63% of retirement needs will not be covered by savings. Not exactly the pension pot dreams are made of that mean you can live out your retirement doing whatever you dreamed of. Seeing all of those countries you never managed to get around to. Helping your kids with big financial purchases. Spoiling your grandkids. Taking up those hobbies that you wished you could have done sooner but didn’t have the time to because you were spending so much time at work. With putting all that money aside just think of those things you might have missed out on because you were saving for the future.

If only there were a way to top up your pension so that you could save for the future whilst still living in the present.

Or maybe you are approaching retirement but aren’t quite ready to give up the ghost just yet and wouldn’t mind a way to top up your pension whilst retaining your well-earned freedom. I mean, the change from full time working to suddenly finding yourself with loads of free time can actually be quite daunting. Perhaps a way to ween off the 9-5 and earn yourself a decent amount that will allow you to do whatever you want to with your free time would suit you right now?

We can provide you with the means to set up an online business that will allow you to top up your pension for whatever reason you need to, whatever age you are. You don’t need to know computers inside out to get going. We can show you what you need to know to get started and give you guidance and support the whole way. You will learn digital marketing skills that will empower you to work from anywhere with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection. On top of that you can use those skills to pursue whatever endeavour you wish, or we can get you started on a couple of different projects as you hone the skills to work/live as a digital nomad. Just a bit of time and work to get the system established then you can dip in and tweak it to maximise both your earnings and your free time.

What are you waiting for? Take a free look at the digital business system we use to live a flexible life that will top up your pension pot, just click here. Be sure to take a look around our website to find out more about running a lifestyle business and affiliate marketing.


Thanks and best wishes,
Mike 🙂

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