If you are like the majority of us, you went to school, went to University and got yourself a job, career or profession. This is the way life has always been in our living consciousness. It’s Plan A and we all know the story, but what about Plan B?

Times are changing and we are heading for an older, more liberal population. The use of social networking sites will be used by almost everyone and the advancements in technology will mean that many many jobs us humans do now, will be done by robots.

Now I know we’ve been hearing this story for years, and yet we still we have yet to be greeted by an android cashier, however it is happening. There are already robots doing the picking and packing in warehouses, something that once would have been done by humans. It is expected that soon this will extend to customer service type roles too. Eventually, all the automated, process driven jobs will be done by robots. Where does that leave us then?!

Well it’ll certainly free up our minds to do more creative, innovative aspects of our jobs. The predictions are that we will also have more leisure time.

So What Will You Do With Your Time With No Plan B?

Charity work, care for others, travel, paint, garden, exercise…the list is endless. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it, all those things you long for more time to do now, well in the future you will have that time.

BUT if you’re working less hours, that is going to equate to less income. I doubt very much that employers will be forwarding savings made by the robots to your bank balance, no they’ll be improving their profit margins (and bank balances) with those! So how are you going to fund all these extra activities you’ll be doing? If you don’t have a Plan B, you’re going to be pretty bored and frustrated with all this extra time!

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