How We Do It

Full Support

The idea of walking away from the life you know and stepping into something completely different alone can be and is petrifying.

The whole point of this system is to ensure you have full support from us and others throughout your journey. This is the tech nomad (digital nomad) way. With a lifestyle business like never before.

We will enhance and extend skills you already have in an extremely supportive environment. You will have access to various training online as well as a support center to explore any issues, questions or concerns. And with our smart affiliate marketing system you have the best structure to go on. 

The Methodology – List Building

As you may guess from the title, List Building is essentially building lists – more specifically building a targeted list of potential prospects and people that are or could be interested in what you are offering.

The unique affiliate marketing system that we use makes us more productive and helps us get things done faster.

Now you might think the bigger the list the better, well, it’s not. In fact, that’s what you want to avoid.
A quality, well looked after list will beat a poorly targeted and ‘random’ one any day of the week.



The best way to build an effective list is to give your subscribers no-strings-attached, quality content upfront, with exceptional value each and every time you communicate. This is very important when trying to build a lifestyle business.

Digital Business System

As a potential or ‘live’ digital nomad, there are 4 things that you need:

  • Motivation and drive
  • A community or tribe
  • Digital skills
  • A product or service

80% of your success online is determined by your motivation and ability to do small tasks regularly.

In order to succeed you need like minded knowledgeable individuals to provide support on all sorts of levels.

You also need digital skills to deliver your product or service and you may even need that product to earn from.

The Digital Business System enables you to:

  • Learn Online/Digital Marketing
  • Apply Those Learnings To Your Existing Business
  • Utilise Affiliate Marketing Modules to Generate High Ticket Commission
  • Utilise Affiliate marketing to generate a regular income