Digital Nomad Map

This nomad world map showcases the places where we (Mike, Lara, Peter, Sam and Ella), as Digital Nomad Family, have travelled to over the past few years.

Lara has been able to continue to travel the world, visiting new and familiar places, with Formula E as well as a range of other jobs and opportunities allowing her to live this lifestyle. Sam, too, has been able to continue to experience new countries and cities since travelling in his gap year and continues to live as a nomad now. Peter has now graduated from medical school and uses the Digital Nomad Family to allow him to take full advantage of his time off combining the two lifestyles to get the best of both worlds! Ella, has now completed her A-Levels, and has embraced the digital lifestyle during her gap year and is heading down to Brighton in September! She looks forward to embracing the lifestyle of a nomad, continuing to visit new places. And Mike (Dad) still is utilising his time as a nomad, travelling as and when he pleases.

You can find our Blog that has a variety of content including posts from our adventures around the world. To find a specific post for a specific country, try clicking on the country where you can get taken to the appropriate blog post and find out more about adventures around the world! As we continue on our adventures more and more countries will be ticked off and more blog posts created to go along with it!

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