Small Business Owner


Congratulations! You’re one of the very brave who sacked the boss and followed your dreams to set up on your own. You are ready to become a member of the proud tech nomad (also known as digital nomad) family and therefore you are ready to use our new and improved affiliate marketing system.  As a small business owner, you haven’t minded the long hours, the financial restrictions, the hard graft and you haven’t even minded the admin too. Well not too much! Although maybe it would be nice if after all this time and effort you were seeing a little more ROI. Not to worry because we are here to help you achieve the success you have always dreamed of by providing you with the tools that will help you crate the ultimate lifestyle business.


Wouldn’t it be nice if every so often you could take a day, (or dare say it a week!) off?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pay someone else to take care of the jobs you loathe?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more free time to think BIG, be strategic and really FULFILL your DREAMS? After all, this was why you started up on your own! You can do all of the above and much more if you use our new and improved affiliate marketing system! This system will help you achieve the ultimate lifestyle business.


Maybe you’ve got your bricks and mortar business into tip top shape but relying on passing trade perhaps just isn’t bringing in profit as you hoped?


success storiesAre you struggling with how to reach your widest audience digitally? Perhaps you’re concerned that that you’ll promise too much and not be able to perform, thus ruining your reputation?


With very limited IT skills you can learn how to:


  • Boost sales efficiently with very little cost
  • Increase traffic to your web-site, if you’re prepared to provide some free ‘added value’
  • Drive as much converted traffic as you can cope with, increasing and decreasing as required
  • Maximise your income potential

Our Website Is Here To Help You To…




There are a few immediate steps that you can take to position yourself to make money online selling YOUR products online, to people who are searching for it.


Sounds simple?


YES it is…


We are going to grant you access to a fantastic FREE online business training course that thousands of people use to get started. The course is called “The SFM Video Training Series”. This is completely and utterly free. All you need to do is enter your name and email address at the top of the page so we can send you instant access to the training.


We are confident that you will be astounded by what you will learn and how you can become an even more successful business owner!


Here’s to increased profits!


*Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results – please read the legal jargon at the bottom of the page