Skydiving Is One Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Done.

We booked the Kiwi Experience and travelled in a figure of 8 around the North and South islands over the period of 6 weeks.  That Kiwi Experience made me realise the lives of Digital Nomads are amazing and made it a serious ambition of mine.

The skydiving takes place in Taupo. As we would be visiting Taupo twice, George (Jev), Toby and I talked about doing the skydiving when we went back there the second time.

On the way into Taupo first time around, the form came round to sign up for the skydive, Toby was asleep. The weather was perfect and there was no guarantee how it would be the second time around so Jev and I were keen and both signed up,

Unbeknown to Toby who probably wanted to do it the least, we signed him up as well.

We arrived at skydive taupo to drop off the people who had signed up off for their free fall. Jev and I were prepared for what was about to happen. The host/driver of the bus read out everyone’s names who had signed up,

Toby’s name was read out. He was was shocked, we were in hysterics. But even so Toby decided to do it.

Digital Nomads – Skydiving In New Zealand, The Flight

The three of us each assigned to an instructor, squeezed into the small, bright pink plane. You are assigned by your weight so it was good we were able to go up together. Jev made the weight limit by 1kg. Luckily, being an international sports star meant the weight was muscle. So it was down to the instructor as to whether he felt Jev could easily be manipulated in the air.

We got the thumbs up.

As the plane took off the nerves piled on. It took us about 10 minutes to get up to altitude and to be ready to jump at 15,000 feet

Jev went first, followed me then Toby. It was an amazing 1 minute free fall before the chute opened.

Once the chute opened, the harness became extremely uncomfortable but worth it. The instructor handed over the ropes to allow me to guide us part of the way down. The landing was a piece of cake

It was an amazing experience being in the sky with your best mates, a highlight of our trip together and, as I said earlier, my first insight into a future life shared with digital nomads. It was stunning.

Some weeks later, we heard people were doing exactly the same as we had done together in the same small, bright pink plane. However the engines failed. They all had to abandon the plane, drifting away with the parachutes safely open, watching the plane crash into Lake Taupo. Very James Bond.

Digital Nomads – Skydiving In New Zealand, The Video

Take a look at the video. It was my inspiration to share the this lifestyle.