Travel and work; how to combine the two

With the goal of becoming a digital nomad and living the digital nomad lifestyle Lara has been combining both travel and work in Hong Kong, and all over the rest of the world too.  She’s a corporate account manager for Formula E. Think formula 1, but MUCH better for the environment! She needs to be on site so that she can attend all the events to get Hong Kong set up as a venue. After that she will be managing the various other races around the world during the rest of the season.

Travel and Work in Hong Kong

The on location work takes up about 10 days a month where Lara gets to experience all the style and glamour that goes with Formula E.

WHO? In Hong Kong she was able to meet one of the greatest sports stars of any sport in any generation,  Sam and I are both proud and a little envious!


From just a brief snippet of what Lara does, you can see that this gives her the perfect platform to travel and work. Her/Our other online businesses and the income derived from it means she can afford to go and spend a couple of weeks in Australia with her friend Georgina as well as all of this other travel.


Travel and work and online businesses

What’s very special about Lara’s role and her work and travel opportunities is that she is also able to travel and work with her friends. Lara managed to pull some strings and get jobs in Formula E for her friends Kate and Julia.

We’ve asked her to ‘whatsapp record’ descriptions of her adventures so we can get them transcribed and add them to the blog at $1 a minute or $1 per 130 words.  We think this is a convenient way for her to quickly keep us in the loop and get a flavour of what exciting things she is getting up to.


The foundation of our business is the community and tools made available to enable us to learn digital skills. If you would like to find out more, just leave your email at and we can guide and support you through your first steps of combining travel and work.


What do you need to travel and work with online businesses?

If you distill it right down, the three main things that you need to live a digital nomad lifestyle are; motivation, digital skills and a product/service. Through our blog and related websites we will deal with each in turn, explaining what you need to do to generate a passive income and open doors to a life similar to the one that Lara currently lives.


I recall a black tie dinner a few years back and I remember being in awe of 2 women who worked for Jaguar travelling the world, living the good life and experiencing all of the luxury and glamour that world class motor sport brings. I remember feeling a bit envious and telling them that I thought they had a dream job. Little did I know that Lara would eventually end up having a similar dream job where she gets to pursue her passions and make a great income at the same time.

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