Freedom and Flexibility – Hi, it’s Ella. By living the Digital Nomad lifestyle, I have been able to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility that comes with being a nomad and allowed myself to go on trips like these.

‘The all-night raver, the boho-cool hippie chick, the sexiest babe on the beach’ – Ibiza is all this and more to those who have a soft spot for the party-loving sister of the Balearics. The cream of Europe‘s DJs (David Guetta, Luciano, Sven Väth et al) makes the island holy ground for clubbers. And nowhere does sunset chilling like Sant Antoni de Portmany’s strip of mellow cafes.’ (Lonely Planet) – Sounds like the perfect mix to two 18 year olds, no?

The summer after graduating from high school, my friend and I decided to use our newfound freedom to go to Ibiza, Spain for a week or so as a ‘present’ to ourselves. I mean, we had worked really hard over the past couple of months so just wanted to get away from the books and the stresses that come with A-Levels and other exams. We sorted our flights and off we went.freedom and flexibility

We landed and quite quickly had to get into Ibiza party mode. A very speedy turn around at the hotel and then we were off out! We wanted to be flexible and looked at some different recommendations for how to spend the evening but ended up at the Hard Rock Hotel for their infamous ‘Children of the 80s’ night – safe to say it was a great way to start our week, you can’t go wrong with 80s music. It really set the tone for the rest of our trip; spontaneous fun and making great memories.

The trip essentially planned itself – we went in with an amount of freedom and flexibility that meant we could do what we wanted to do each day; rather than holding ourselves to a timetable of organised fun. We went on boat trips to sister islands, sunset cruises, clubbing and beaches galore with some hippy markets along the way. Ibiza definitely was living up to its Lonely Planet description!

Towards the end of the trip we found ourselves in Cala Tarida, a tiny resort on the western seaboard of the island. We were lucky to find the resort on a quiet day and so we took full advantage. A few metres out from the beach were some rocks which were a couple metres high. So of course we decided to swim about and do a bit of cliff jumping – because why not? As you might expect, that first jump took a bit of mental preparation and a pep talk, but after that we were flying.  We ended up staying in Cala Tarida for the rest of the day, finding little trinkets and hidden places across the coast. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.

The laptop lifestyle has provided me the freedom and flexibility to travel where I want, when I want letting me live my best life and make memories with my family and friends.

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