How to Be a Digital Nomad

Hopefully by reading this you’ll be able to find out a little bit more about how to be a digital nomad, or at least why you should be one.


The idea of travelling the world and the world being our oyster really excites us, and always has done. The ability to earn an income while doing so, very much excites us too. (Not too sure my English teacher would be too happy with the overuse of the word excite but hey, they’re probably not reading this so it’s fine.)

From Dad’s perspective, he wants us to be self-sufficient and adapt to anything the world throws at us. He sees a few of our friends from home, leaving university and simply not getting the jobs they want, for a variety of reasons. By using the Six Figure Mentor’s (SFM) Digital Business System, we as a family have been able to develop our digital skills over the ears through their training that has allowed us to build our own businesses. This is effectively the main part of ‘How to Be a Digital Nomad’ – going through the training to gain the skills to then live the life you want to live.


So, you’ll know from a variety of our other blog posts that Lara set up her own business, Hudson Portfolios, from the training she received from SFM. It gave her and her flatmate at the time, Bry, the training to be able to build their online business. (Side note, they have a small cricket bat they got signed by the famous cricket player Brian Lara 501 (the record number of runs he scored in an innings playing for Warwickshire) when they met him at an exhibition – he thought it was hilarious they shared his name!)

The way their business model works is simple. They have about 10 days a month (here or there) running photoshoots, with Bry as the photographer and Lara as the stylist and make-up artist. Since starting the business they’ve been able to travel to Denmark, Sweden, India, Sri Lanka, Russia and a few others for various shoots and packages, as well as working from their ‘studio’ in Epsom. Since starting they’ve also been able to expand the business to employ a number of other teams so they have bases all over London. The other working days of the month Bry focuses on commercial photography and modelling herself whilst Lara works for Formula E (equivalent to Formula 1 but for electric cars), travelling the world. She was in China for the inaugural event in September 2014 and has been at every event since. Formula E are really flexible with flights which allows Lara to fly to Australia, for example, to stay with her friend, Georgia, for an extra £200 flight, or indeed anywhere else in the world depending on where she is for the events. She can do the retouching and marketing promotion for Hudson Portfolios remotely which takes a certain amount of pressure off. However, now due to the growth of the business she has pretty much become a full-time nomad, doing a variety of freelance work and still throwing in the odd modelling job when she wants to.

With SFM, she’s been able to set up a business that she can run online from anywhere in the world. Her digital skills enable her to update the website, run Facebook adverts and PPC campaigns at a cost of £300 per month. Revenues are in excess of 20 times that, so we figure she and Bry are doing OK. Technically she earns six figures already as all of SFM’s figures are in dollars…


So, why is SFM training so good?

Over to Dad for that one – Mr Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, Chartered Marketer, MBA, blah blah blah…


“The problem with most marketing courses is they are theoretical. Practical to them means case studies and debate. It’s a bit like the way we teach languages in the UK without real practical experience until aged 16, which is too late. The Six Figure Mentors understand motivation is 97% of the battle with online marketing. The first step is hard. They have a really impressive 90 day blueprint and 30 day getting started challenges with 90 day video challenges to get members kick-started and ‘doing’. All the material is there: hangouts, video training, 1 to 1 coaching sessions with Greg and Fiona Scott and James Holmes, fantastic support from Brenda and her technical support team and then the community to share learnings. Top performers like Guy and Ilan Ferdman and Christian and Martin participate in community forums sharing ideas and case studies. Bloggers like Mark Ford who is flying get to run Q&A sessions to help the community. Putting an adult in an environment where they can learn without fear of failure is key to training and SFM have achieved it.”



So, hopefully that gave you a bit more of an insight into how to be a digital nomad, if you feel like you want more information then be sure to take a look around our website and blog – We’re sure you can find the information you need and find out about a few of our personal adventures along the way! We should strongly urge you to keep finding out more because this lifestyle is unlike anything else and full of opportunities. Also, don’t forget to find us on social media to keep even more up to date with our lives as digital nomads!


Until next time!
The Digital Nomad Family

‘Live the life you’ve always dreamed of and be a digital nomad!’

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