How to dream…

Do you want to learn how to dream again?


What’s your dream?

So, what do you want to do with your life? It’s quite a big question isn’t it? And a very difficult one to answer at that. Obviously we all want to be happy and healthy but other than those obvious but vague answers what do we really want? If you’re struggling to answer this big question, read on as we show you how to dream.


Personally I think a better question would be ‘what excites you?’

We all feel good when we are excited – it’s exciting to be excited! Too many people allow the excitement in their life to slowly dwindle away until they can barely remember what excitement feels like, since they are too stuck in the mundane routine of everyday life. I hope that you don’t fall into this category. Still, start thinking about what you find exciting as you read the rest of this.

You’ve probably heard some variation of the saying “follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life”. What I think of when I think of passion is excitement. Something that inspires and drives you. Anything that you love and occupies most of your headspace for the majority of the day. For us, the Digital Nomad Family, it’s travel. The tricky bit comes when you try and make the connection between following your passion and being able to live. We can show you more of that in detail over at


It’s exactly this kind of feeling that will allow you to live an extraordinary life.

As I’ve already said, to figure out what you want to do, I don’t think the question should be, “what do I want to do?”. I think you should ask yourself, “what excites me?”.

I appreciate that answering this might be hard – somewhere in your twenties society tells us we are no longer allowed to think big. You forget how to dream. All those wishes of wanting to be a formula one driver, astronaut, ballerina, chef or whatever else you wanted to be as a child slowly but surely stop being encouraged. Once you were told “go for it, you can do whatever you want!”. Eventually the message you receive from parents, peers and society is ‘get a good job, settle down, have children and teach them to do the same”. If you have forgotten how to dream but still want to learn to dream, now is the time to take action. Stop living a life where you are doing something only to make enough money to get by. Work to live, don’t live to work!


It’s time to figure out what excites you and learn how to dream again!

Answer the following questions:

What excites you?

If there was no way you could fail – what would you do?

Jot down at least 5 things you dream of having, doing and being. (Do not limit yourself and do not worry about how you will achieve them. Think big!)


If you’re struggling with the first question, try answering these instead:

What would you do today, if you had £1 million in the bank?

What would make you feel excited to wake up?


If you’re still struggling, try these:

One place to visit

One thing to do before you die

One thing to do daily

One thing to do weekly

One thing you’ve always wanted to learn


The next step is to give these thoughts a bit more weight by tying them to some context. For example, you might want to be fluent in Italian. Why? So I can travel through Italy sampling all the cuisine and enjoying fluent conversations with the locals. Make it real!

Now, highlight the 4 dreams that are most exciting or most important to you. Then work out the rough cost. For example, a lovely new house might be a bit pricey to buy outright, however can be yours for a few hundred pounds a month. Start thinking of income and expense in terms of monthly cash flow – money in, money out (a bit more boring than big dreams but bear with me!)

Finally, calculate the target monthly income for achieving all of these. For example – say your first most exciting dream is to get that car and this costs £500 extra a month. You need to add up all your monthly outgoings and multiply this by 1.3. Multiplication by 1.3 allows for savings or unexpected outgoings.


Now you know how much you need to achieve this dream and can get started on achieving it.


(You can also divide your target monthly Income by 30 – this gives you your daily target income.)


So, now you know what you need to earn – how do you achieve your dreams?

For each big goal, set a 6 month time period and decide on 3 steps that you need to take to get you there. Do one step NOW. Tomorrow never comes, do one thing now. Tackling procrastination head on is a sure fire way to make headway.


Commit to being uncomfortable.

Comfort is cosy, but dull. To have an extraordinary life you need to commit to getting out of your comfort zone. There IS a direct correlation between a broadening your comfort zone by tentatively pushing those boundaries and getting what you want. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Click here to find out more about how to dream and get involved with the digital nomads. Or to take a FREE look at the digital business system we use to live a nomadic lifestyle, click here.


Thanks and best wishes,
Mike 🙂

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