Modern Nomad Rules

How does a modern nomad live their life? What are the digital nomad rules?

Lifestyles, like science and sports, evolve when the standard assumptions are tested. It is all about challenging the status quo of your current rules and seeing what can bend for you. Forget the old rules of working until you retire and then having fun (assuming you still remember how to!) Digital Nomads operate under new set of rules to achieve their alternative lifestyle; the ‘modern nomad rules’.

So what are these modern nomad rules and how do they differ from the old rules?

Retirement is a worst case scenario.

It should be viewed as a buffer against never being able to do any income generating work again.  The whole concept of retirement is flawed as it focuses on you doing the things you enjoy the most when you are physically least able; retirement funds often don’t work and after grafting all your life, you’re probably going to end up being bored doing nothing. Especially if you retire later on. Now, this isn’t a reason not to plan for the worst, but don’t live for it. Think instead of creating a means of generating income that you will always be able to do, regardless of your age.


Energy and motivation wax and wane.

We are not built to work 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. You know this already; your attention, motivation, and enthusiasm is not maximum or consistent for this period. We all alternate between productive periods, and periods where you glance at the clock and realise that you have been staring at a screen for an hour without doing anything remotely productive. The modern nomad rules allow you to harness this rhythm of activity and rest in order to thrive.   You will work only when you are most effective, thus making life more productive and more pleasurable. If your brain switches off and you know you won’t get anything done, so be it, go and do something else with that time. Over time you will learn what works best for you; being a digital nomad means that you can work 2 hours every day with the rest of the day off, or 2 weeks of 9-5 with one week off? It will depend on you, your goals, your best alternative lifestyle. Anything is possible.


Doing less is not lazy.

Now, this was a tough one for me!  It took me a long time to understand that being ‘busy’ was not being necessarily the same as being productive or effective. Work smart, not hard. Often I would find myself performing pointless tasks so that I could keep myself busy but at the end of the day I would look back and think, “what have I achieved?”. It’s been much more beneficial for me to distill what I need to do into key chunks and direct my energies so that I am actually making daily measurable progress. Rather than faffing about, running in circles so that I could convince myself I was busy and therefore productive.


Timing is never perfect.

Ever, with anything. You need to decide what you want to do and do it anyway. You will figure a way to make it work no matter what life throws at you. This is the case with so many big steps in life. For example, no one I have ever met ever felt completely ready to start a family; it was never a perfect time. There were always ifs or buts, things to think or worry about. Yet, as soon as your family grows you make it work. Remember that you can adapt to anything!


Stop asking for permission.

We are so good at discussing our dreams and hopes and desires with others. Unfortunately what often happens is that the naysayers get into our head, feed on our worries and ultimately we are prevented from doing what we want. Stop it right now. Just do it, and if you massively mess up, ask for forgiveness. Those that love you, will forgive you. Those that don’t, don’t matter. Anyway, chances are that you will succeed.


Focus on your strengths.

It is much more positive to focus and improve your strengths, rather than try to fix your weaknesses. Your weaknesses are never going to be as good as your natural strengths so why waste your time? Use your strengths and hone them to their maximum potential. If you have a significant weakness, the chances are they will be someone else’s strength; find someone or something to handle things require your weaknesses at the forefront. At the same time you can learn some lessons from them, making yourself more rounded in the process.


You can have too much of a good thing.

Too much time off doing nothing becomes boring, or even depressing. That’s not what we’re trying to achieve. We want a balance that enthuses you to do both your work and recreational activities, because you won’t be doing either in excess. You will reach a unique compromise that feels satisfying! If you follow this plan, you will have more time, and more fun things to do (if you choose) – just make sure you think about how you’re going to spend any free time. Make sure you’re doing things that are positive and life affirming for you, not what the media tells you is the best thing to do.


Money alone is not the solution.

You know this already. No doubt you’ve already heard of some high paid executive or a celebrity that is unhappy despite essentially having money on tap. Fulfilment, excitement, fun, freedom are the goals, and these are the goals we want to help you achieve.


Income is not absolute.

Again, think of the stressed out executive earning a huge salary but working huge hours. His hourly rate is unlikely to be all that impressive. I know corporate lawyers and doctors whose relative hourly income, is not far off minimum wage. Not what they had in mind I’m sure, and they’ll hate me for saying this! By living an alternative lifestyle, however, a digital nomad can earn less in absolute terms, but because of the hours worked, essentially earn more. Therefore in relative terms, be richer.


Not all stress is bad.

Bad stress makes you less confident, less able, and less productive. It’s generally brought on by situations you can’t control, such as the commute, enforced hours, pointless meetings, abusive bosses etc.  We don’t need these. Cut them down as much as possible.

Good stress is that kind of stress that takes us out of our comfort zone and pushes us to be better. It can be initially uncomfortable but it’s not exhausting. It stimulates us to expand our comfort zones and is healthy for personal growth. You must seek out good stress, and remove bad stress.


If following the old rules hasn’t got you where you want to be, it’s time to try something new, time to try a modern nomad alternative lifestyle. Watch our free video series now! Click here. Or to take a FREE look at the digital business system we use to live by the modern nomad rules, click here.


Thanks and best wishes,
Mike 🙂