Visiting Bulgaria – Where to Go & What to Do

Visiting Bulgaria, I’ve found, is never near the top of anyone’s travel bucket list. Most people are obsessed with over more ‘Instagram-able’ places, like Iceland, Greece, Scandinavia etc. But I have to say, it’s become on of my favourite places in Europe to visit.


‘Bulgaria’s pleasingly laid-back capital is often overlooked by visitors heading straight to the coast or the ski resorts, but they’re missing something special.’ (Lonely Planet)


This trip and visiting Bulgaria wasn’t necessarily planned and so with the help of Ryan Air and Airbnb I managed to get some cheap flights and a lovely Airbnb in the centre of Sofia – near Starbucks, which is of course very important. It ended up being the perfect location almost everything was in walking distance and we were ’round the corner from the Alexander Nevski Church, the University and the local football stadium.

What I noticed when visiting Bulgaria this time, Sofia specifically in this case, was that it is very similar to Birmingham. For those of you that don’t know, Birmingham is our original ‘home’ – at least that area is. I hand imagined it would be closer to East Berlin, but the way in which they use their 18th/19th century buildings and the variety of shops and places to eat, there’s something quite ‘homely’ about it – I’m sure if you’re Australian etc it may not have the same effect. Either way it’s a lovely city, steeped in history. Dave, one of my best friends who lives out in Sofia,  took us on a tour around the city, giving us a bit more insight into the ways of the locals etc.


Something amazing we found on this trip was the metro, but with recent excavation work they unveiled a vessel of Roman ruins that date back over 2000 years ago, back when the city was called ‘Serdica’. Something I would definitely recommend taking a look at if you find yourself in the city.


It’s funny when you find yourself on these trips, how similar the people you meet can be to you. We ended up on some sort of pub crawl with maybe 30 or so other people who all got themselves here on a Ryan Air flight and were all staying in Airbnb’s, all of them from different ends of Europe. Maybe the digital nomads are spreading after all!


One of the things we wanted to do this time, but unfortunately missed out on, was getting a ski lift to the top of the mountain that overlooks the entire city. The kids went to Bulgaria back in 2007 and they did it and ever since I’ve wanted to do so, but every time my luck runs out! Maybe next time. But I’ve been insisted that the views are spectacular.


All in all, visiting Bulgaria is one I would highly recommended.

If you have any questions on it there, or anymore specifics on what to do and where to eat etc. then feel free to get in contact with us, we’d love to have a chat!


Until next time!