Work for Mums

Ask any mum and they will tell you that their kids are their number one priority in life. You want to give them every opportunity in life and will do everything in your power to give them as much as possible; school, homework, hobbies, healthy meals etc. Therefore finding work for mums that will fit to their schedule can be difficult.

Unfortunately, kids as your number one priority this doesn’t always tie in perfectly with the 9 to 5 work schedule. Perhaps you find yourself juggling so many things for work and your family that you don’t get any time for yourself or any quality time with your family. At the same time you’re struggling because everything you do is for them but maybe it doesn’t quite feel as though you are reaping any of the benefits?

This doesn’t have to be the case.

Right now, does it feel as though you are spending all of your morning sorting out the kids for their day at school, so that you can rush to work, already feeling stressed and behind, frantically get through your work for the day because you know you have to finish on time or early so that you can pick up the kids and get them ready for whatever the evening activities are. By the time that is done, you’ve helped the kids with homework and get them ready for bed you are so exhausted that all you can do is fall asleep to do it all again.

So it seems as though all of your time is occupied by your kids, or work. Heaven knows your kids are the higher priority so what can we do about work? How about a job that you can do from anywhere? That’d take the rush hour commute after the school run out of the question. Maybe you could stop at a nice coffee shop by school for a few hours of productivity before spending the afternoon doing whatever you want. Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to spend the evening with your kids. Doesn’t that sound idyllic?


With our digital marketing skills and systems this could be a plausible future for you. A flexible job where you hone useful skills and apply them at times that suit you. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection; you lounge, a library, a coffee shop. Whatever works for you. Once you get established with this system all it takes is a little bit of work often to keep everything ticking over; generating you a passive income, giving you the freedom and flexibility to prioritise the rest of your time in whatever way suits you. Even being able to give you and your family time that quality family time that has seemed so elusive for so long.

What are you waiting for? To find out more about possible work for mums, take a free look at the digital business system we use to live a flexible life that is perfect for a work from home mum, just click here.


Thanks and best wishes,
Mike 🙂

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