It’s time to stop waiting and start living your best life now!

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people feel as though they are are grossly overworked and severely underpaid. You may have heard the saying ‘cash rich, time poor, or time rich, cash poor’. Unfortunately for most this doesn’t necessarily ring true; while your time may be restricted, it feels as though your spare cash is too. By shaking things up a bit, us digital nomads feel as though we’ve reached a solution where we are both time and cash rich. Join us by setting aside the predetermined deferred life plan and start living your best life now.


What we’ve done to create this kind of life isn’t complicated. Quite simply, life does not have to be so tough as we’ve been led to believe. Life does not have to consist of monotony, drudgery, routine interspersed with the odd relaxing weekend and occasional holiday.

If you’re reading this post, the chances are you don’t want to sit behind a desk from now until you’re 65 (or whatever the retirement age is when you reach that point), you want to start living your best life as soon as possible. Whether your dream is to escape the rat race, lose the commute, travel, work from bed, have more time for hobbies, more time for children, loved ones or yourself. Whatever your dream is, you don’t want to wait until you are in your golden years before you can do it. The good news is, there is a way to your best life now; a life filled with rewards, without waiting until the end.


We would like you to consider this question to challenge the socially enforced illusion about the deferred life plan; working so hard for 40+ years in order to hope to enjoy the last few.

  • If retirement was never an option would you change the way you do things?  Maybe you would choose to start living your best life now?


What about your attitude to having a life of financial freedom, flexibility and time freedom.

  • Do you believe it is necessary to work yourself into the ground in order to earn enough money to be able to fund the lifestyle you want?


Again, society has taught us that in order to have monetary success we need to give up every other area of pleasure in life; time, relaxation, socialising, fun…

Well, there is another way you can earn enough money for your dreams and enjoy living them while you earn and are young, fit, and healthy enough to make the most of them.

So how can you live your best life now?

Well, there are a few changes you’ll have to make which we’ll discuss in a later post but for now have a think about these:


NEW RULES – if you’re going to change your life, you’re going to need to have a mindset shift.  You will have to reassess the current norms and socially ‘acceptable’ ways of living.  You will have to challenge yourself and really consider whether the fixed location, fixed commute, fixed working week is something you are open minded enough to step away from in order to live your best life now.


TIME FREEDOM – Learn how to eliminate the unnecessary and unimportant in order to focus on the tasks that will get you to where you want to be; working fewer hours with a bigger income to give you the lifestyle you want.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM – In order to give you time and financial freedom a certain element of your business will need to be automated.  We will consider how this can lead you to receiving the income you are looking for.


FLEXIBILITY – We will discuss how you can live flexibly, working and living wherever and whenever you want to live your best life.


Much of what we will say to you may seem unbelievable, and not achievable. We get that.  However, if you’ve got this far, you’re definitely looking for a way out of your current life and perhaps you’re considering a digital nomads lifestyle. All we ask is that you exercise your lateral thinking skills, open your mind and see where it takes you. Start living your best life now!


Thanks for reading, and best wishes,
Mike 🙂


Join the world of digital nomads today!

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