Want to be a Tech Nomad ?

Family RyanTech Nomads – What It Takes

The kids and I attended the first ever Digital Nomad Conference in Berlin at the end of July 2015. I debated over the grammatical correctness of the phrase ‘me and the kids’ and whether I should use ” the kids and I ” and I decided on the former, mainly because it sounds colloquial. Lisa a colleague then gave me a grammar lesson.

We went to Berlin as part of our research really, what was this movement ? , why now ? why the exponential growth ? I have a number of theories on that. Charles Handy the great visionary and futurist of the last century for saw a future of the world ‘hiding behind closed doors’ selling things to each other. Technology would rip apart the need for huge swathes of jobs from mining raw materials to middle managers running up and down corporate trees carrying nuts or nuggets of information up and down all day long. People would have more leisure time and thus want to travel more.

Technology allows us to do build walls as Handy predicted. No more playing ‘gutto’ in the street with your mate. Much better to play Fifa2015 with nim online from the comfort of each individual bedroom.

The cost of travel is reducing almost by the month; technology has made the world a very very small place, Cultures are morphing into one another as we realise just how similar the global human tribe is.

The Tech Nomad Dream

Teenage kids on gap years travel, Husbands and wives newly free as the kids leave the nest appear to be buying camper vans and caravans in their droves as the travel bug bites. Wifi means Digital and the desire and need to travel knows no bounds.

So everyone wants to travel it would appear. Everyone has the dream . What next ?

The hard core nomads original nomads appear to form two categories, tekkies truly working remotely and travel bloggers.Then a new breed of Nomads running virtual business’s is emerging selling everything you can think off. The point is they have a skill or an idea that enables them to work remotely. The ability either to generate a passive income or work remotely because clients enable them to.

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The Tech Nomad Ability To Generate A Passive Income

I have an agency where we are increasingly looking to work remotely and ‘educate’ our clients to meet on Skype. I am also an affiliate marketer. Selling Digital training and a community to support the learning programmes for commission.

It means the kids and I can travel. Well certainly Lara and Sam. Peter’s a 4th year medical student performing ‘slave labour’ and Ella’s doing her final year A levels.

The Motivation To Become a Tech Nomad

Where does the motivation come from? What makes people sell up and leave their jobs ? What makes people just travel ? To some people it comes naturally. To others it really is a case of ‘ feel the fear and do it anyway’ . They understand the fear will never go away but you can desentisise it by doing it anyway.