What Is Affiliate


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of advertising where an online company pays others to advertise their products and services. Additionally, the affiliate marketer gets paid a fee or a commission when their their advertising leads to sales or traffic.

The leads are done through links (affiliate links) which are specific to the affiliate marketer. Most companies have an affiliate program. Depending on the program, there are a few ways for the affiliate marketer to be paid.

A consumer doesn’t necessarily need to buy a product to receive a payment. For instance, the options are to be paid per sale, per lead (subscribing to a newsletter / downloading files ect), pay per click (directing a consumer to the website). Furthermore, affiliate marketing has many benefits with vary few costs.

what is affiliate marketing

As An Affiliate Marketer You Don’t Have To Worry About:

  • Any start up costs
  • Business expenses
  • Profitability or profit margins
  • Customers
  • Selling the product
  • Customer service

Marketers are just delivering customers to the product or service. Therefore they don’t have to worry about the normal things involving running a business. Affiliate marketers are beneficial to both the company and the marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Through Blogs, Websites, Social Media

There are different ways to be an affiliate marketer. Through writing blogs, video blogging, website or being an influencer through social media.


For those who enjoy writing. Bloggers have the ability to rank in search engines such as Google and increase the seller’s ranking. Firstly, the blogger uses the product or service and then, after that, writes reviews that promotes the brand. Consequently, driving traffic to the seller’s site.

Video Blogging

Youtube is a main site people use for video blogging. It is a great way to review products and give advice. The video blogger links to the products they are promoting within the information about the vlog. In addition, after building up a decent following the video bloggers can also gain sponsors.


They create large amounts of traffic at all times, building large amounts of audiences. These websites promote services or products of a company, offering more exposure and improving top notch revenue for the seller and the affiliate marketer.

Social Media Influencer –

An individual impacts purchasing decisions of large amounts of the population. An influencer will have a large following on social media. For instance, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. Therefore, it is easy for the influencer to direct consumers to the sellers products through their posts and interactions of their followers.

Consequently all marketers receives a share of the profits they help to create.

what is affiliate marketing